On-site, Remote & Managed Services

A good IT professional knows technology...but a great one also knows his or her client’s business. Be it through our Managed Services or those listed below, find out exactly where your infrastructure and applications can grow to increase productivity, reduce downtime and save money... A happy staff is a productive one!


Vmvare Installation Upgrades & Maintance

Use these new and affordable technologies to make you and your staff more productive, secure and effective. VMware is now a long standing and proven technology. We've been working with it for years and would love to show you how to leverage it in your business.

Call now! We'd be happy to discuss details and answer questions.

Hosted Email Services

Is e-mail important to your business?

Proactive Data packs a complete personal information management system into a compact, easy-to-use interface. Business email users have different needs and requirements than personal users. Free emails services are great for staying in touch with friends and family, but when your business relies on email, you need more.

Cloud Computing Backup & Storage

Backups are the one of the most important components of your infrastructure.

PDS can put your local backups in the cloud automagically for as little as 15 cents per GB. Furthermore, skip the backups and place your entire server workforce in the cloud. Call us to find out how!

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.

Server installation, upgrades & maintenance

Standard refresh periods for desktops is generally around three years -- and five years for servers. Your organization and employees could benefit greatly by keeping up with your company's life cycle management and PDS can make this process painless and affordable. Contact us for a free onsite consultation!

Remote Connectivity (mobile & branch offices)

Working from home? Have more than one office? Let us help you work securely like you were in the office or connect two or more offices into a single encrypted entity. The possibilities are endless with today's VPN and other technologies. There is no reason you can't print, view and connect with any office device from wherever you are -- whenever you want!

Network Security

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and SMBs are more vulnerable than ever before. The latest strains of advanced malware are called APTs or Advanced Persistent Threats. Hackers are seeking huge financial gains by unleashing malware to steal credit cards and other valuable private information.

We've partnered with WatchGuard to bring you a solution that will keep malware at bay. Don't let malware take over your network. Let Proactive Data Solutions safeguard your business. Contact us today to get moving, upgraded or with questions. Click Here to download an informative info-graphic to learn more.